AFAR - Advocates for Accessible Recreation

AFAR was founded in April 1976 to assist in the development of recreational programs for persons with special needs. AFAR primarily supports Redwood City's Accessible Recreation Program (SNAP) through individual scholarships to programs and events. AFAR also provides funding for capital improvements, looking to provide inclusive opportunity for all residents of San Mateo County. 
AFAR collaborates with the Redwood City Accessible Recreation to develop new programming, such as The Chefs Club ( cooking program held every Thursday night ) AFAR develops materials to educate the community of its purpose, mission and fundraising activities. AFAR provides individual scholarships for individuals on an as needed basis for the Redwood City Accessible Recreation Program. AFAR provides capital funding to the Redwood City Accessible Recreation Program.

Special Needs Staff at Redwood City Red Morton Park

Recreation and Community Service Coordinator:
Anna Carlos
Recreation Specialists:
  • Annette Schmidt
  • Hana DeBono
  • Steven Chan
  • Lisa Cassin
  • Jennifer Ransom
  • Notre Dome High School
  • Menlo High School
  • Wood Side High School
  • Sarah High School
  • Sequoia High School 
The Redwood City Special Needs Program, located at Red Morton Park, offers a variety of recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Programs and activities focus on positive experiences, learning opportunities, and life skill development in a fun, safe and caring environment. 
The Special Needs Program focuses on: 
  • Positive play and peer interaction
  • Building positive self-image and enhancing self-esteem
  • Age and ability appropriate activities
  • Activities and recreation opportunities in the community
  • Appropriate social interactions and behavior
  • Gross and fine motor skill development
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Activities of daily living
  • Health and Wellness
The Redwood City Accessible Recreation Program is offering a Monday-Friday Afternoon Program for individuals with differing abilities ages 8 and up. Participants will be divided into age appropriate sub-groups. The Program opens at 2PM and pick-up time is at 6pm. Early Bird programming may also be available for additional fees and advanced notice. For more details or to sign up, please contact Anna Carlos at (650) 780-7343 or (650)670-2206.
Weekly Schedule
Get Moving: 2PM-6PM - $130 per Month. Activities for this day are focused on adaptive fitness and healthy life styles. 
At the Movies: 2PM-6PM - $130 per Month. Enjoy a weekly film in the VMSC state of the art theater or a trip to our local movie theater. 
Mid-Week Local Adventure: 2PM-6PM - $130 per Month. Enjoy a trip to a local destination and once a month BOK Therapeutic Horse Ranch. May also include parks, libraries, fire stations, museums and much more. 
Mix It Up: 2PM-6PM - $130 Per. Tap into your creative side with an arts & crafts activity. 
Bowling: 2PM-6PM - $130 per Month. Test your bowling skills at BelMateo Bowl! 
On-Going, Thursday Evenings, 5:30PM-8:30PM / VETS / $69 per month. Designed for teens and adults ages 14+ with differing abilities, this club is perfect for anyone who has an interest in planning and cooking healthy meals. Each week participants will plan a meal from start to finish and enjoy the fruits of their labor! After dinner, participants will engage in social activities. To register, please call Anna Carlos at (650) 780-7343 or (650)670-2206.
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