Volunteer AFAR Board Members

Vasilis Rousseas, President

High School Special Education Teacher
Growing up with a disability, Vasilis was very active in playing sports and exercising. As a young adult, he worked for a few hours after school in the area of summer sports and recreation programs for children. Vasilis wanted to be a part of a team that provides accessible recreation activities to the residents of San Mateo County.

Andi Clot, Vice President

Parent of Jon Clot and two more boys. Andi works at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame. In addition to being a bookkeeper in her spouse’s small business, she is a member of the AFAR Board because she believes the program she supports is so valuable. Andi believes that The Redwood City Special Needs Program has been a wonderful social outlet for her son Jon. The program opened many doors for him! And, it's FUN!

Marge Flynn, Treasurer

Marge has been a member of AFAR for thirty-five years. She is a retired physical therapist who worked for California Children Services in San Mateo County for many years. Currently, Marge volunteers as the AFAR Board Treasurer, and her favorite part of that position is writing the scholarship checks for SNAP participants.

Helen Lo, Committee Member

When Helen became a board member of AFAR, she was a participant of the Special Needs Program in 1992. Helen is now a commissioner of the Commission on Disabilities (CoD) and a committee member of In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee. Helen teaches others about disabilities awareness on behalf of the CoD.

Anne Camilleri, Committee Member

Anne is a parent of a daughter who has been in the Special Needs Program for over 25 years (SNAP). Anne is a retired hairdresser of 45 years/ owner of C L Davis Hair Salon in San Carlos for the last 22 years. She became involved in AFAR when The State of California dropped all funding assistance to San Carlos  (2008) who had the program in their City. Anne took it upon herself to start a Fundraiser in 2009 called Hot Rod Bunko and BBQ Fundraisers to help save this program. It is at that time that the City of Redwood City stepped up to the plate and now host this program at the Redwood City Red Morton Park.

Barbara Chan, Committee Member

Barbara has been an AFAR Director since 2010. She is an optometrist, and has a family member who participates in SNAP.
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